Actualization of Free Life


    The L-shaped layout in this house is dissimilar to the general layouts in houses. This residential interior design project built the dual traffic flows at the entryway, the arrangement not only relocating the bathroom, also connecting the dual traffic flows individually to the public and the private areas.


    Some spaces cannot be either defined in a single style, or classified in a single group. This residential interior design exactly exemplifies this perspective. Neither can the new classical nor the modern styles elaborate this design plan. The actualization of free life is the precise core value want to convey.


    In the living room, the mirror reflecting the outdoor scene in another area combines the views from different spaces.Additionally, the dual traffic flows laid out at the entryway are smooth, and are suitable to space arrangement. There is a private meeting room in the house, where the delicate transitions of spaces are inconspicuous. The space arrangements are tidy and efficient.


    That the flexible space arrangements, broad views, dual traffic flows and transitions of spaces are actualized in the interior design with the design concept of elegant quality life.